June 18, 2024

Latest preliminary study by Project SOLUTIONSPlus

Read the latest preliminary study by Project SOLUTIONSPlus on the use of electric bicycles for urban deliveries in Dar es Salaam!

The report “Project SOLUTIONSPlus – Integration of urban electric mobility solutions in the context of the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals and the new urban agenda” shows how the transition from conventional motorcycles to electric bicycles can revolutionize urban logistics. Benefit from valuable insights and in-depth analyses to make urban mobility more sustainable. Read now and discover pioneering solutions!

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Electric bikes, the solution for urban mobility?

Electric bikes are revolutionizing short- to medium-distance transport and are becoming more cost-effective and energy-efficient every day. Their ability to move quickly increases safety and comfort, especially in demanding environments.

They also offer health benefits and promote fitness and strength. However, obstacles such as infrastructure costs and a lack of regulations are hindering their widespread use.

In this webinar, which took place on June 17, city leaders discussed the potential, challenges and solutions for integrating e-bikes into urban landscapes to shape a more sustainable future of mobility.

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