The e-bike especially for Africa

Developing and promoting e-mobility is a great opportunity to tackle the mobility problems in Africa and improve the global climate.
To this end, we have developed the “African e-bike” in close cooperation with various partners.

Our e-bike is similar to the e-bikes we know here, but it also meets special requirements tailored to the African continent:

  • low price
  • particularly robust components
  • high payload capacity of 100 kg
  • speed up to 30 km/h
  • high range
  • battery charging with solar energy
  • spare parts available locally
  • a design preferred in Africa based on motorcycles

This enables the African e-bike to overcome the bad image of the bicycle as a “poor man’s car” and promote the cycling culture on the growing continent.

All African e-bikes are uniformly branded with the lettering “AfricroozE”.
This branding was chosen in Uganda as it onomatopoeically combines the aspects of Africa with relaxed riding.

The AfricroozE bike can be used in a variety of ways and for different purposes.

Read more about the possible uses here.


Active support

Bjarne Mädel
our e-bike ambassador

Our AfricroozE e-bike is prominently supported by the German actor Bjarne Mädel, also known as “crime scene cleaner” or from his hit film “25 km/h”. Bjarne, who himself lived in Nigeria for a while when he was young, shows his connection to Africa both on stage in the play “Benefit – Everyone Saves an African” and in private. In April 2019 he visited our e-bike project in Uganda. His impressions are summarized in a short clip that he directed himself.

100% sustainable

E-bikes powered by green energy, especially solar energy, can become a pillar of sustainable mobility on the economically and demographically growing African continent – both in rural areas and in cities.

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